Finn McCool 4 Mile Odyssey on June1st, 2013!

Griffis Sculpture Park is teaming up with the folks at Eclipse Multi Sport to present the Finn McCool 4 Mile Odyssey!  Participants will navigate a 4 mile course loaded with challenging obstacles, difficult terrain and a mud pit at the finish, all building up to the moment when the race is over – and the real fun begins!

The Finn course at Griffis will be the most challenging ever. Griffis Sculpture Park has multiple terrains, steep hills to climb, slick descents, and some very tight trails to navigate. And then of course there is the obstacles…

The course itself is still under construction, but we will have the most eclectic group of Irish Obstacles ever assembled, including:

Celtic Climb: giant rope wall you will need the luck of the Irish to get up and over.
Slip ‘n Slide: at least one…a Finn classic.
Cargo Chaos: massive cargo net and rope wall combo.
Monkey Bars: yep, just like back in elementary school…but a LOT bigger!
Terrible Tubes: dark, wet, tough on the hands and knees…yeah, terrible like it says.
Leprechaun Leap: not once, not twice, but three times.
Pond Scum: try not to lose your shoes in the muck.
Hay Pyramid: going up is the easy part – and that isn’t easy.
Run The Plank: there is no walking here.
Mud Madness: the way we close every race…perfect!
PLUS many more including all new and never before seen at previous races.

Please check out the official Finn McCool Website to register:

Don’t miss out on this great event!

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