The Essex Arts Center & The Big Orbit Gallery team up to host Opening Reception on November 15th for the Nor’Easter Conference!

The Ashford Hollow Foundation with Big Orbit Gallery will be sponsoring and hosting the opening reception for the event on November 15 at the Essex Arts Center! The gallery will be featuring conference registrants as well as great music from both 12/8 Path Band and Don Metz!

The Nor’Easter Conference is hosted by the Fine Arts Department at Buffalo State and highlights Buffalo’s history rich in iron and steel making. Buffalo was once home to three of the largest steel manufacturing plants in America including Bethlehem Steel, Republic, Steel and Lackawanna Steel.  These foundries as well as several smaller iron and steel foundries, made Buffalo one of the leading producers of cast iron in the world.  While the last of these major iron foundries went out of business year ago, Buffalo State has emerged as the keeper of the region’s great founding heritage.  Buffalo State is proud to pay tribute to the past and look into the future as the Nor’Easter provides a forum to teach, learn and develop withing this practice.

Starting at 7:30pm $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door.


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