UB’s “The Living Wall” returns to Griffis Sculpture Park


The freshman studios in UB’s Architecture Department are bustling with excitement. Around 80 students will put their carpentry skills to the test as they attempt to build the second installation of “The Living Wall”.

For the next couple of weeks, Professors Shadi Nazarian, Chris Romano, Nick Bruscia, and Matt Hume will watch as piles of wood and months of designing and planning come to life in a 90′ sculptural structure.

Once this large collaboration is complete it will be installed at Griffis Sculpture Park. The students are responsible for designing, creating, installing and living in the project for 24 hours to see how their constructions hold up to the environment and each other.

The opening reception for the installation is April 29. Check .http://thelivingwall.blogspot.com/ to learn more about the project.

The Living Wall

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