Success of Summer

Sculpture Repair Day

In early summer, a crew of  25 volunteers and 4 portable welders made important repairs to about 20 sculptures in need throughout the park. Without the help of dedicated men and women in our community we could not maintain the hundreds of sculpture at GSP- Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!  

Revitalize relationship with Audubon

A naturalist from Audubon Buffalo visited the sculpture park to educate visitors on our local ecology. Griffis Sculpture Park is a perfect place to explore art and nature at their purest forms.

A Fiery Good-Bye 

The “Big Orbit” sculpture which inhabited the front lawn at the Griffis Sculpture Park for over a decade was finally deaccessioned. The sculpture was created out of hundreds of wood palettes screwed together to create a giant oval that mimicked the rolling hills in the surrounding vista. After 11 years of play and weathering, the sculpture had lived life to its fullest and had to be removed… by burning. We invited friends of the GSP out to watch the magnificent blaze and camp out.










Install of “Nuggette” by Coral Lambert



Artist Coral Lambert an English woman currently teaching at Alfred University has loaned Griffis Sculpture Park “Nuggette”. This sculpture has previously been on display at Governor’s Island in New York and at the Invitational Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in Baltimore, MD. “Nuggette” is constructed of copper, cast iron and stainless steel and is approximately 10ft x 14ft x 10ft. You can locate this new sculpture at the Mill Valley Site in the Great Lawn near the Gift Shop. Thanks to Coral and her crew for their hard work.

Simon Griffis Memorial Celebration

Council member Rivera dedicates event

Simon’s mother and daughter unveil new sign

June 25The AHF held a Memorial Event for the late and fabulous Simon P. Griffis. It was held about a year after he passed at the Essex Art Center in Buffalo. Approximately 400 guests came throughout the night to celebrate Simon’s life with music and dance. Throughout the complex there were exciting and fun things happening: two stages, music and light installations, belly dancing, hula hoopers, slide shows, projections, live painting, a photo booth and food and drink.It was one of our most successful events. Thanks to our many volunteers and sponsors!


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